Comox Valley News

Friday June 14 Salmon Point

Another beautiful day for a ride and 20 riders showed up to check out the damage from the Salmon Point fire earlier this year  (quite extensive…see the photos!).   We made our way out to Discovery Foods at Oyster River where we picked up some snacks for eating at the Salmon Point resort where we enjoyed a beautiful view of the water and boats passing by.  On the way back we came along the coast through Saratoga Beach, Miracle Beach and Seaview farm, attacked the Williams Beach Rd hill and made our way through the Nurmi Rd “rabbit hole” to Howard Rd and finally back down Headquarters for a ride of over 60 km.  A big thanks to Sheila for coordinating this adventure and to Brenda for some of the photos.  

May 31 Gabriola Island

A group of 14 riders, including two who live in Nanaimo, Jane & Diana, met at the Gabriola ferry terminal in Nanaimo for the 15 minute ferry ride to beautiful Gabriola Island.  We started the trip off with a nice hill up from the ferry which eventually lead to Dr. Bob’s chain breaking.  A quick repair was made and we rode down South Road to Brickyard Beach then onward to Silva Bay before returning via North Road and eventually Taylor Rd and Berry Point Rd to the Surf Lodge for lunch.  We then made our way back to the Ferry Terminal and surprised ourselves by catching the 3:05 ferry which was running a bit late.  A lovely warm sunny day for the ~40 km ride around the island.  Thanks to Marilynn for coordinating.

Another group of 9 riders met for a Choose a Route from the Filberg Centre.

Friday May 24 Heriot Bay Inn

A lovely sunny day greeted 28 riders at Oyster River as they prepared for their trip to Quadra Island.  Unfortunately a strong, gusty NW wind was also part of the weather pattern for the day so the ride to Campbell River was somewhat challenging. Once on Quadra we made our way up to the Heriot Bay Inn via West Rd which had a few hills!   After a nice lunch we decided to take Heriot Bay Road back to the ferry which turned out to be a great decision as it had some scenic moments, much of it was newly paved and the hill profile was minimal except for the nice downhill to the ferry terminal!  Once back in Campbell River we had a nice tailwind for a lot of the trip back to Oyster River and the completion of the 62 km ride.  Of course, a few chose to make the ride even longer!  Thanks to Sharon & Bill for coordinating.  Next week we are off to Gabriola.

Friday May 17

“Choose a Ride” day at the Long weekend.  50 Km ride up Piercy to the Inland Hwy, then down Dove Creek, Headquarters, Rennison, Huband. Waveland, Ellenor, Little River and Military Row before stopping for coffee at the Airport.  25 riders enjoyed the  pleasant day.  Thanks to Bob H for coming up with the route.


Friday May 10 – Cumberland

A superb July day (even though it is only May) for our trip up to Cumberland via Dove Creek Rd and the Inland Highway.   31 riders enjoyed the trip…some even completed the trip to Comox Lake. A bear siting on Dove Creek provided some added interest.  All enjoyed the stop at the Wandering Moose and downhill trip back.  Thanks to Donna & Tom for coordinating.

Friday May 3 – Ice Cream Express

A lovely day for the 27 riders to complete the 50 km ride via Dove Creek & Hamm Rd. to the Miniature Golf/Ice Cream place on 19A.  Thanks to Garry for coordinating.

Friday April 26 FBI

A most enjoyable day for the 27 riders who made their way to the FBI .  Some took the inland highway while most took 19 A. Many had lunch at the FBI while others stopped off at Buckley Bay on their way back.  Thanks to Bob & Roz for coordinating.

Friday April 19 Good Friday

 A little rain overnight and streets were a little wet, but we decided to ride and 25 riders participated!  Did the Headquarters, Coleman, Waveland,  Little River route to the Airport for coffee.  Had a few drops of rain but otherwise a good ride of around 45 km ….not a sign of a rice paddy.


Sunday April 14

First Mixed Surface ride of the year for 4 participants.  Pipeline route out to Royston.  Weather was fine till the short hailstorm in Royston.  Thanks to Peter for organizing.  Hopefully the weather is a bit better for the May ride.

Friday April 11 Willow Point

The day began a little chilly and cloudy but  27 riders made their way up to Willow Point.  Most left from Merville  which was a 55 km but some rode from Courtenay and cycled over 80 km.  Lunch at Dave’s Bakery before the ride back in the sunshine.  During this segment, our intrepid mechanic, Angus, was called upon to fix a flat for Lindsay….even though she was one of his star pupils this past winter in the Bike Maintenance course!  Thanks to Steve for coordinating.  Next Friday is Good Friday so we have a “Choose a Ride”…perhaps we will  complete last week’s ride that was cancelled.

Friday March 29

Wow, what a great day for a ride!  I am guessing this was the all-time record for a turnout….somewhere between 37 & 39, depending on who counted! A beautiful 40+ km ride up to Comox Lake with lunch at the Wandering Moose in Cumberland…pretty sure they were happy to see us!  Hopefully the weather continues again next week ….and we set a new record into the 40’s! Thanks to Ralph for Coordinating.


Friday March 22

 A nice, sunny but breezy day today for our trip out to Buckley Bay.   25 members enjoyed the ride.  Thanks to Ed & Barb for coordinating.  Next week week we renew acquaintances with Cumberland and Comox Lake.  

Friday March 15

 A tough call this morning with a little drizzle but we went for it and 10 riders decided to participate.  Had a good ride out to Merville via Huband , Waveland and Coleman…a little over 40 km.  We hope for a nicer, warmer day next week on our trip to Buckley Bay.


Stats for the 2018 year


  • 26 rides, 452 riders,~ 17 riders per ride
  • 13 riders on 4 “Choose a Ride”days that were scheduled for “travel” ride days
  • 4 “Mixed Surface” rides, 30 riders, ~ 8 riders per ride

Friday October 19

Another great day for our last scheduled ride of the season.  A little fog first thing and then lovely sunshine.   18 riders made their way up Headquarters & Tsolum River Road to Merville for coffee.  The return was via  Coleman, Waveland.