Meeting Minutes

CCCTS Victoria Chapter- October Minutes

CCCTS Victoria Chapter

Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting

October 27, 2022

at 3333 University Woods, Victoria

Members present: Terry Chalmers (President), Mikkel Bonnor (Recorder), Margaret Phelan (Social Convenor), Donna Kerkhoven (Ride Coordinator),

Jean MacDonald (Member-at-Large)

Absent: Paul Quinn, John Pritchard

  1. Minutes of previous meeting (September 6) approved. One error in date noted

2. Finances:

John reports no significant changes. $350 paid to Norway House for AGM

3. Ride Coordinator:

Donna reported on Lani’s accident (broken jaw, wrist, finger). All appropriate action taken.

Ride descriptions: need not be as detailed as at present. ACTION: Donna, Paul and Jean will upgrade the descriptions

4. AGM:

Terry reported details of Norway House rental agreement.

Margaret reported on plans for icebreaker. ACTION: Jean and Marg. to organize icebreaker

Details: Date and time: November 29, 2022, 11:30 – 15:00 (set-up at 10:30)

Location: 1110 Hillside Ave.

This is a potluck: we will bring our favourite dishes

We expect 30-35 members

No music

Introductions will be followed by the icebreaker, then lunch, then the business meeting

Covid precautions will be taken!

5. New Business:

  1. recommendations re: changes to Chapter governance and events:

The past year revealed that members were interested in recreational cycling (shorter local rides, one- and two-day rides) and social activities. Mikkel suggested that we focus on these interests. He also suggested that we consider re-structuring the Steering Committee: members would be elected by the Chapter members but decide after the election who is going to do what tasks. Further, some positions could be shared by two members.

b) elections: Terry suggested, and members agreed, that we will approach Chapter members to persuade them to run for office.

c) Pie party: 20 members attended a successful pie potluck with a theme of sweet and savoury pies. A thank-you note was received by Margaret from Jim and Ute Grayson, who hosted the party.

6. Meeting adjourned at 15:25 G. M. Bonnor