National Capital Region Notes


The purpose of the Ottawa group is to provide an opportunity for cyclists of average ability to enjoy a pleasant outdoor activity, to socialize, have fun and keep active and healthy.

We provide two categories of local rides in addition to participating in general CCCTS tours and Hub and Spokes.

  • Easy Riders – should be able to cycle at speeds from 18 to 21 km/hr (on flat ground with no wind). Rides will vary from 40 to 70 km and generally take place on Thursdays.
  • Faster Rollers – should be able to cycle at speeds between 21 to 25 km/hr (on flat terrain with light to no wind) and range from 50 to 100 km. These rides generally take place on Tuesdays.

Note : On occasion, a Tuesday ride may also offer a shorter option and/or a Thursday ride may also offer a longer option.

Start times are 10:00 AM (unless otherwise specified but the ride leader). The destination may be changed on the day of the ride, with the approval of the group. The default location for rides without a designated leader or destination is Britannia Park. Meet at 10:00 am and whoever is there decides where to go and who is going to lead.

Weekly Ride Cancellation/change : In the event of inclement weather conditions (rain, snow, ice, heat, etc.), an emergency, or illness of the ride leader, the ride may be changed or cancelled. The ride leader should notify the contact people below.   The Schedule will be changed and an email will be sent to the membership. This should be done as early as possible but no later than 8:30 AM the day of the ride. Contact People: Barbara Wilson (613-837-2377); Geoff Kennedy (613-232-6642); Sam Ludmer (613-421-5711).

Chapter Cancellation Policy for Hub and Spoke  trips and Tours: If you are sharing a room and find you have to cancel, every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement either by the organizer by way of an email, or by yourself.  In the event no-one is found, you may be expected to shoulder the cost of your share of the room.

Ride Guidelines

These guidelines apply to our club rides as well as solo riding.  REMEMBER, we share the roads/paths with other users

Please read carefully and understand what is expected of you on a club ride.

  • Practive PVACCC riding … Predictability, Visibility, Anticipation, Cooperation, Courtesy, Communication
  • Arrive at the designated start location in good time (10 min. early)
  • Make sure your bike is road worthy (tires pumped, brakes adjusted, etc.)
  • Make sure you have tools, spare tube or two, water, sunscreen, ID, emergency contact info., cash/credit card, small first aid kit.
  • Know the rules of the road and abide by them.
  • Be predictable and avoid any sudden moves.
  • Anticipate any changes in the road surface or direction of travel.
  • Be considerate of your  fellow cyclists and other road users.
  • Know the accepted signals and verbal calls and use them.
  • Take responsibility for the safety within the group as well as your own safety.
  • Stay with the group unless the ride leader of sweep is notified of an early departure.
  • Notify the ride leader if any difficulties arise during the ride.
  • Be prepared to act as sweep if asked by the ride leader.


SIGNALLING AND VERBAL CALLS : Used when riding as part of a group or for solo riding.  For group riding, each rider is responsible to pass information, either verbal and/or signalling, to following riders.  For both group and solo riding, using these maneuvers will indicate to other road/path users that you are a responsible and considerate cyclist.

LEFT TURN : Use LEFT arm extended parallel to the ground.  Call “LEFT TURN” to following riders.

RIGHT TURN : Sit up on your bike so signal is more visible.  Use LEFT arm extended, forearm turned UP at right angles, palm forward.  And/or, use RIGHT arm extended to the right parallel to the ground.  Call “RIGHT TURN” to following riders.

SLOWING : LEFT arm extended, forearm turned DOWN, palm facing back.  Call “SLOWING” to following riders.  Stop pedaling and prepare to brake.

STOPPING : Same signal as above.  Call “STOPPING” to following riders, gear down, stop pedaling, brake gently.

SLOWING/STOPPING : Use combination of above.

HAZARDS ON THE ROAD : Use either RIGHT or LEFT hand depending on position of hazard so following riders know which side to pass.  Point and call “GLASS”, “POTHOLE”, GRAVEL”, “ROADKILL”, etc. to indicate the type of hazard

MOVING OUT : To avoid parked cars, joggers, overtaking others cyclists, losing shoulder. or anything causing you to move out of your line of travel.  RIGHT arm behind back, point and move hand from right to left.  Call “MOVING OUT”

RAILWAY TRACKS : Use RIGHT or LEFT  arm behind back with back and forth motion.  Call “TRACKS” to following riders.  Slow down.  Position yourself to cross at RIGHT ANGLES when safe to do so, or dismount and walk over tracks (SLOWING, STOPPING)

TRUCKS APPROACHING FROM THE REAR : Last rider calls “TRUCK BACK” and uses LEFT arm to “push” truck to left lane.  Give a friendly wave.


ONCOMING TRAFFIC : Call “CAR UP” if rear approaching traffic warrants 

Safety First … Cycling and the Law

Check out these websites for information on Cycling and the Law 

  • Club Discounts

    The following merchants provide a club discount.  Please show your membership card:

    • Full Cycle: 427 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa. 10% off parts and accessories.
    • Giant Orleans (formerly Orleans Cycle) : 2404 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans. 10% discount on all parts and accessories.
    • Bushtukah: 203 Richmond Rd. and 5607 Hazeldean Rd., Stittsville. 10% discount on regular priced items.
    • Kunstadt Sports: 680 Bank St. , 1583 Bank St., and 12-462 Hazeldean Rd. 10% off.
    • Fresh Air Experience: 1291 Wellington Street West. 10% off parts, accessories, clothing . No discount on complete bikes.
    •  Cyco’s Bike Shop: 5 Hawthorne Ave., Ottawa. 15 % discount on merchandise and rentals.
    • Cycle Bertrand: 136 Eddy Street in Gatineau.15% discount on Tune Ups.