Help Notes :

  • How to Add Routes to CCCTS’ Ride with GPS Route Library

    Follow the link to read the user files for Ride With GPS.

  • How to Add Rides to CCCTS’ Ride with GPS Route Library

    A helpful video on how to add routes to our club library of rides.

  • Ride With GPS Tutorial

    A really excellent Power Point presentation on how the get the most out of your Ride With GPS devices. Follow the Link Ride With GPS Tutorial  

  • Using a Smart Phone with RideWithGPS

    Have you ever wanted to use your smart phone to follow a bike route. The club has a group account on RideWithGPS that has a wealth of interesting routes. This article provides a few tips on how to get those routes onto your smart phone where you can use them.

  • Ride with GPS

    RidewithGPS Club Site   If you have never gotten lost while on a club ride or an extended tour, you likely need to read no further. For the rest of us, you may be interested to know that CCCTS subscribed to a RidewithGPS club account last year which offers some great features to assist you … Continue reading Ride with GPS

  • Renewing a Partner

    In the past and on our previous registration system it was possible to renew another person at the same time you did your own renewal.  It was determined that this was a problem from a legal perspective because of the liability waiver.  Only the renewing member executed the waiver – not the partner.  Consequently we … Continue reading Renewing a Partner

  • More instructions on how to renew.

    Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to renew your membership.

  • Registration FAQ

    Answers to many questions about the CCCTS ride registration system.

  • Login Problems with Edge

    Login problems when using the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • First Time Login

    This website requires that members log in in order to view all of the information that is available on the site.  Certain parts of the site are available to the general public and are therefore do not require login.  To see the full site you must login. If you are a member in good standing … Continue reading First Time Login

  • How to Develop a Ride Proposal

    If you’ve got a ride in mind that you would like to lead, here is a tutorial on the technical detail of submitting your ride proposal.

  • Using Custom Post Types to Control Access

    This is a talk I gave at 2016 Vancouver WordCamp.  It is an attempt to document how we use Custom Post Types on our site to segment the site into a group of control domains where an associated role has virtually complete control over that domain without any additional access outside of that domain.

  • Writing a Trip Blog

    So you want to write a trip blog?  Great!  It is always a good way to capture some of the high points of the trip and keep friends and family informed about what is happening on the road. Preparing to Blog If you are interested in blogging a trip there are a couple of preliminary things … Continue reading Writing a Trip Blog

  • Mailto Links

    If you click on a link on our website and nothing happens, this article is for you.