CCCTS Legacy Funds

Vision and Values

CCCTS is a non-profit organization for active adults of all ages who enjoy recreational riding. We support education, activities and projects related to cycling that provide lasting value to our members. We support cycling-related projects and events through other organizations.

Legacy Funds

Over the years, through a combination of casino revenues, bequests and membership dues, CCCTS has accumulated funds over and above the operating budget requirements. To support the vision and values of the club, funding will be made available to chapters and cycling related organizations. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the CCCTS distributes funds to the chapters and cycling related organizations in accordance with CCCTS constitution and bylaws and our vision and values.

Legacy Funds Program Guidelines and Criteria

Funding to Chapters

Legacy funds may be granted to:

  • Subsidize or fully fund appropriate workshops, courses and events.
  • Acquire software and/or equipment for trip planning or related cycling activities.
  • Provide safety and education material.

Funding to Non-profit Organizations

CCCTS may grant funding to other organizations whose activities align with our vision and values.