Ride Ratings

Category Daily Distance Typical Speed on Flats Stops Terrain
Leisurely < 35 15 frequent mainly flat
Intermediate 35 – 90 15 – 20 occasional flat – rolling
Advanced 60 – 100 20 – 25 very limited hilly
Strenuous 80 – 160 25+ very limited some serious climbs, mountain passes
  • distances are in kilometers
  • speed is in kilometers per hour

Ride participation

Tours and Hub & Spokes are researched, organized and led by experienced and committed volunteers, which enables the Society to provide them at cost. To participate in a ride you must:

  • Be a CCCTS member, sign a waiver and agree to the financial rules;
  • Be at a fitness level to complete each day’s ride in a timely manner;
  • Have a well tuned and mechanically sound bicycle of the appropriate style for the tour conditions; and
  • Wear an approved (CSA, Snell, ASTM or CPSA) helmet.

There are four tour ratings.  Some tours, often “Hub & Spokes” will be classified “Leisurely” for novice or casual cyclists with modest bicycles;  and others will be “Intermediate” with some experience recommended.   “Advanced” or “Strenuous” tours require experienced and more physically fit riders equipped with more specialized bicycles.  Doubts regarding fitness level or bicycle suitability can be discussed with the Tours Manager, Hub & Spoke Manager or the trip leader.  

Ride participants should offer assistance to ride leaders when required, share in the work, and maintain harmony.  Our rides are a social experience. 

Participant Selection Policy and Procedure

Tours and Hub and Spokes participants are chosen on a first-come-first-served basis. Exceptions are approved by the Board of Directors when the tour is submitted for approval. Procedures/ conditions are as follows:

  1. Date of registration will be delayed a minimum of 10 days from the date of first publication of the tour in the Newsbrief. New tours descriptions will not be publicly available until after registration has opened and members have had an opportunity to sign-up.
  2. Members who wish to share accommodation should register at the same time, on the same online registration form, and indicate “share with” in the “Notes” section. By doing so the chances of touring together will be enhanced. This notwithstanding, where justified, consideration can be given by the Tour Organizer to pairs due to accommodation based on double occupancy.
  3. In consultation with the Tours Manager or Hub & Spoke Manager, the Ride Organizer may give priority to a member(s) with special skills, or who take on special ride responsibilities. He/she will also be permitted to query the participation of a ride applicant for health or safety reasons. Disqualification will only be done in consultation with the Tours Manager or Hub & Spoke Manager.
  4. Successful ride applicants, chosen as outlined above, will pay the ride deposit. Unsuccessful applicants, based on ride fullness, can, at their choosing, be placed on a wait list. The wait list will be treated, if space occurs, on a first-come-first-served basis. If a vacancy occurs the next applicant(s) in line will be notified, and given 72 hours to register using the online system.
  5. If a tour is split in two, participants will be given an opportunity to express choices regarding whom they would prefer to accompany. Here, the Tour Organizer will do his/her best to meet the desires of the tour participants, but the final decision will rest with the Tour Organizer.

For the complete rules on trip participation please consult the Tour Guidelines.