Comox Dam Mixed Surface (2019-09-16)

Comox Dam – Mixed Surface
10 riders participated on the ride to the Comox Dam and the One Spot Trail.
It was dark in the woods, so no action shots. There was some talk about being lost in the Twilight Zone.
Some photos:
1. A key moment before entering the Twilight Zone..
2. After the Twilight Zone, when we could all laugh about it.
3. Heading home on the One Spot.
A further report from the Coordinator:

Attached is a start of ride photo. 9 of us started off on a rainless ride with a mix of bikes. A few missed turns resulted in a slightly different route to the dam on Comox Lake. On the way to the fish hatchery several riders took a wrong turn and the rest of the group waited at the hatchery and Marilyn went to look for them. After a half hour wait they all turned up. During the wait we suspected they had entered a space time continuum and visited a parallel universe. The rest of the ride went without incident, while we took some easier trails to accommodate the gravel bikes. A couple of riders turned home early around Burns lake. A good ride in spite of a few miss turns and delays.

Ken is new member who joined the day before was on the ride He chose to return early and Glen thinks he’ll be asking for a refund after the visit to the Nymph Falls Twilight Zone.

I think the group passed a motion to preclude the Coordinator from leading any more mystery tours 🙂

Thanks for coordinating, Bob.