Comox Valley Notes

November 4, 2022
Weekly Ride Program

The last official weekly ride for 2022 was Friday, October 14.   The weather in the Comox Valley lends itself to cycling year round and members are encouraged to organize rides through the fall and winter. Currently there are three options available for members to organize rides and inform their fellow riders…

Option 1

For a limited time only, members can arrange an “Open Ride”, by sending an email to the Comox Valley Ride Coordinator ( at least 3 days in advance with their route choice.  The Comox Valley Route Catalogue can be used to help choose a route. The Ride Coordinator will then update the Open Rides  page on the Comox Valley website to show the scheduled ride and will issue an email notification to all Chapter members. Tip: Choose a day other than a Friday if the weather forecast looks better on another day. 

Option 2

This option has been available all season. Members can schedule their own “Limited Capacity Ride” using the Comox Valley Rides – 2022 Signup Sheet. Members who have set up their Google Sheets to be notified of changes to this sheet will automatically receive an email alterting them to the fact that a ride has been scheduled and they can sign up for it.

Option 3

Collaborate with other CV Chapter members through the communication FORUM – CCCTS Comox Valley Riders Group.  Float a proposal to the rest of the Group via email and view all responses quickly and easily on the online platform.  All Chapter members are enrolled.

Dedicated Website for Comox Valley Chapter Members Only

The CCCTS Comox Valley Chapter website went live in 2022. Access to the site is restricted to Comox Valley Chapter members only.  If you are a Chapter member and the aforementioned link does not work for you,  send an email to the Comox Valley Ride Coordinator describing your issue.

The site has a plethora of information relevant to the Comox Valley Chapter.

For example, all the information needed to participate in the Weekly Ride Program is neatly summarized. There are full descriptions of Open Rides and Limited Capacity Rides. There is easy access to the sign-up sheet for Limited Capacity Rides.

Another page on the site provides direct access to the Comox Valley Route Catalogue – a document that summarizes dozens of routes in and around the Comox Valley for road, gravel and mixed surfaces.  As well as providing summary statistics on each route, there are also links to Ride With GPS for even more detail.  This is an invaluable resource for organizers of rides to select a route or for individuals to source a route for personal riding.

The home page of the website provides a direct link to the CCCTS Comox Valley Riders Group online communication forum.

New information pertinent to the Comox Valley is added regularly.

Quick Links:
  1. CCCTS 2022 Signup Sheet This is a Google Sheet for riders to sign up for Limited Capacity Rides. It can also be accessed via the website mentioned above.
  2. Comox Valley Route Catalogue This is a summary of routes to assist in choosing a route to ride. It can also be accessed via the website mentioned above.
  3. How to set up notifications in Google Sheets (instructions on how to be notified when a new ride is posted for example)
  4. How to create a free Google account A Google account is needed by Comox Valley Members to access the website mentioned above as well as to edit the signup form.
  5. Getting to Google Sheets on your PC (one of many ways to go to Google Sheets on a PC.  On a mobile device simply download the Google Sheets app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store)
  6. CCCTS COVID-19 National Safety Plan
Photo Sharing:

The Chapter encourages all its members to share their cycling experiences through photos.  There are 4 Google Photos Albums available for viewing and commenting.

The Comox Valley Chapter – 2022 Ride Season album is still open for members to upload 2022 photos.  This album is like a diary and regular commentary will be added by the Ride Coordinator. The photos are in chronological order. Follow the link, then “Join” and upload or transfer your photos. 

Similar “diary style” albums exist for the 2021 and 2020 ride seasons.  These albums are now closed for uploads but users can still comment on photos.

Comox Valley Chapter – 2021 Ride Season

Comox Valley Chapter – 2020 Ride Season

The final album is comprised of all photos dating from 2018 and includes photos of the 2018 and 2022 Hub & Spokes.  This album is in a “latest photos first” format.  There is no diary commentary and photos cannot be uploaded to this album.

Comox Valley Chapter – Photo Album (Latest First)