Miracle Beach (2019-09-27)

Miracle Beach

A group of 20 riders met on a coolish, windy day to check out the ice cream at the Mini-Golf Course.  Our leader,  Glenn  aka “Rabbit Hole” gave us a couple of possibilities for routes including one very few people had ever been on.  13 of the 20 riders took up the challenge and made their way up from the end of Burns Road to Highway 19.  The ~ 100 m trail passed over a creek and through a “gate” cut strategically through a wire fence.  After meeting up with the other 7 riders at Dove Creek Road we headed straight into the very brisk, challenging wind for 13 km to Hamm Road.  Part way down Hamm Road, “Rabbit Hole” lead many through another “long cut” which eventually took everyone to the Mini-Golf Course where, as always, we would be treated to some fabulous ice cream!  Alas, the owners had determined that summer was over, and had closed up shop!  As a result we headed back south on 19 A, now with the wind following us!  Some stopped at Black Creek General Store while others made their way down Headquarters to the Climate Change rally in Simms Park and a few even participated in the march up 5th & 4th.   All in all, an interesting, well-rounded day!