To join Cross Canada Cycle Touring Society simply click here and fill out the form. Dues are $35 per year per member and are valid for the current calendar year. New memberships in November or December expire on December 31st the following year.

Are you a returning member?  Great, glad to have you back.  However, for people who have let their membership lapse they need to use the New Member Registration Form rather than the simpler renewal process.  Once you enter your name and email address we will try to find you in the database.  If you confirm your identity then we can fill in most of the form for you and all you will need to do is update any information that has changed.  You will, of course, retain your membership number and all of your history with the club.

Feel free to browse the site. Hopefully you will see some activities that interest you and you will want to join us. Some portions of this site are restricted to members only. For example the complete tour and hub and spoke descriptions are not available to the public until registration has opened and members have had an opportunity to register.

To participate in any club event you must be a member in good standing both at the time of registration and at the time of the event. The one exception to this policy are local day rides. Please feel free to join us with the permission of the ride leader and by signing our liability waiver.