FRASER VALLEY CHAPTER Update January, 2023


We have 100+ members in our chapter who enjoy the riding and social aspect of our weekly rides.

Weekly Rides

Weather permitting, we offer group rides each Wednesday. The number of cyclists varies seasonally and week to week and at the height of riding season, we may have 30+ cyclists come out to ride. Regardless of the number of cyclists, we ride in groups of no more than ten with a sub leader for each group. We have many routes in the Fraser Valley and across the border in  Washington State (Passport, Nexus or Enhanced Driver’s Licence required) and it is recommended you have health insurance coverage for Washington rides.  Our rides range from 60 to 90 km in length and we look for routes on quiet country roads or on roads with bike lanes or wide shoulders. We occasionally offer urban rides. Cyclists must be able to maintain an average speed of 20 kph on the flats for the duration of the ride.

For Wednesday ride information, click on Calendar.

Pandemic Restrictions as of October, 2021

Beginning October 1, participants in all CCCTS Fraser Valley Chapter activities must be fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

When the Canada/US Border reopens for non-essential travel:

We will consider resuming rides in when safe to do so. Identification is required.

For meeting place, start time and destination, click on Events.


Clark Woodland, 604-541-8235

Neil McNeill, 778-299-3615