Victoria Notes

Sundays:    BetterLate ThanNever Gang.  Meet at 9:30 (summer hours) for Coffee at Whole Food  in the Uptown Mall.  We go for a ride after a short social which is usually 35 to 45 Km. in length.  A go/ no go notice will be sent out by 8:30 AM in case the weather is iffy.  Later in the year when the days get shorter we will meet at 10:00 and depart at 10:30.  I’ll let everyone know when that happens.
Contact: Brian Collier or  Alex Laird

Mondays:  Rosa Schuh’s Monday Ride.  As of this Monday Oct 29th 2018Rosa has finished for the season.  She thanks all the riders and hopes to see them in March 2019.

Contact: Rosa Schuh


Wednesdays:  Meet at 9:30 am at Lochside trail & Blenkinsop Greenway or 10:00 am at McDonald’s on Pat Bay Highway & Mt. Newton X Road.  Half an hour later between Thanksgiving and Easter.

There is no Wednesday ride per se. Rather there is a coffee get together at the MacDonald’s  at highway 17 and Mount Newton crossroad, every Wednesday morning and after gabbing and coffee people form up into various groups depending on how fast or far they want to go. All levels of fitness and experience are represented and everyone finds a ride to suit them as a rule. These are very informal and not usually swept or even led. Just a bunch of like minded people going for a bike ride.  We usually stop somewhere for lunch and another chat. These rides are always a lot of fun and all are welcome.

Departs from the Don Mann parking lot on the Lochside trail at 9:30 AM on Wednesday mornings for the ride out to MacDonald’s.

Contact: Alex Laird