Day 3: Thursday August 8th

-by Christine Scott

We learned in the evening from a local rider who came over to our camp site to say hello that we had ridden the first 86 km of our tour on the first day of rain in a month. And how it rained! Torrential at the beginning of the day while we were still gratefully inside having breakfast at Hotel Hospitalite and then again when we arrived at the camp site. Thanks to leader Bruce’s good canopy purchases we did however have shelter, both for our kitchen and for eating. And in true CCCTS spirit we managed to keep smiling… well at least mostly😏

Riding the Route Verte east we passed through a number of small and very picturesque villages each one with its dominant church spire. We were often along the water’s edge and riding through fertile farm land and cattle pastures. Pleasant riding with relatively little traffic.

As I write this blog entry I am thankful that I am now in my tent as the thunder rolls and the torrential rain begins again.

Let’s hope it gets it over with overnight so that we can enjoy a dryer day tomorrow!