2019 Gaspe Peninsula

The 2019 Gaspe Peninsula tour will be starting on Tuesday, August 6th. This will be a 24 day tour with 19 riding day. The total cycling distance should be about 1360 kilometers with an elevation gain of 10,256 metres, for an average of 71.6 kilometres / 540 metres per day. For more details see the ride description.

Tour participants are:

  • Carol Crane
  • Bruce Daykin – leader
  • Garry Esau
  • Holly Evans
  • Peter Haggerty
  • Barbara Hall
  • Ken Levine
  • Don Mais
  • Doris Maron
  • Max McClanahan
  • Richard Morris
  • Christine Scott
  • Jacob Van Der Heide
  • Colleen Vanderheide
  • Ed Weymouth
  • Dianne White

We will try to get something posted for every day of the tour. Given internet connectivity issues there may be significant lag before a blog entry get posted.

It should be a good adventure. Hopefully you will enjoy following along as we go via this blog.

-Max McClanahan