Day 3 Glaciers and Grasslands

We drove this morning up the first 24 km of the Duffy lake road to start the ride.  It was a very steep ascent on a rough road so we decided to pass on the wall .

We all headed out from the Cottonwood rec area heading west on the road.  It was a  very steady climb up to Duffy lake and beyond.

Some stopped at the 25 km point for lunch at the lake and returned to the cars and some of us continued to climb to around the 40 km mark for a total 80 km ride.

The weather was perfect and the scenery was stunning. Waterfalls along one side of the road and Cayoosh creek bubbling on the other side.

pictures to follow but suffice to say lots of glaciers.

A spectacular decent on the way back to the car which reminded me how much work it had been getting up there. It was about 25 km of down.

My ride was 82 km with around 1000 M of total ascent.

All  in all a very great day on the bike.