Niagra Pannier Tour-Second Group, 10th to 17th 0f June 2022

The 2022 Niagara Pannier Trip – Second Group

Ottawa area and Vancouver Island CCCTS riders gathered in Brantford Ontario for a 7 day pannier trip around the Niagara peninsula.

There were two groups participating in the ride. One group departed on Saturday June 10 in a clockwise direction around the Niagara Peninsula (the ClockWiseCrew). The other group departed on Monday June 12 in a counter clockwise direction (the CounterClockWiseCrew). If all went according to plan, the groups would meet while riding on our 5th day of riding.

There were long and medium length ride options on several of our days. We all had fun and stories to share with the other group at the end of the day.

Day 0 – Brantford Arrival and Short Pre-Ride

A few of the ClockWiseCrew did a 38km pre-ride on our arrival day and one of the CounterClockWise Crew joined us. He kept trying to turn left whenever we wanted to go right (CounterClockWise….). It turned out that he had loaded the wrong ride into his navigation app!

We made a stop in Paris (Ontario) making it a very international ride. We couldn’t find the Eiffel Tower or the Seine, but we did find the Grand River and the Paris Home Hardware!

Our pre-ride meeting was held at the hotel and we met all our fellow riders and organized ourselves for the morning departure.