2023 Arizona Tour

Leave the rain gear home, she said. Don’t bother bringing warm clothes she said.  It will be the right time of year for the wild flowers display, she said.

Don’t listen to the weatherman!

The recent Tucson tour was successful in spite of the disappointing weather! Arriving in Tucson a few days ahead of the start of the recent Arizona tour allowed the group to choose between trips around the 100 miles bike trail,  (the Loop,) or Gates Pass, the Sonora Desert Museum, Saguaro Nation park, El Presidio Historic District and REI. Some did some of these in the rain. Some in warm jackets. But no one complained! We were just happy to meet each other, recollect with old cycling friends,  and get on bikes again after the winter hiatus. (Of course there were people who rode all winter — in Edmonton of all places like Ed Weymouth! Studded tires?)

The 19 person group left Tucson to do the round robin ride back to  Tucson .

Tucson to Benson, to Tombstone (where the hoped for gunfight between the Earps and the Clantons seemed to be superseded by a car show which took over the town.)

The highlight of the eight-day trip was for many Bisbee. A 710 meter climb up and then five-mile ride down was exhilarating in glorious sunshine and the hint by the weather of warmer days to come. The accommodation in Bisbee was elegant and very mid 19th Century— the Copper Queen Hotel no less. Some thought it might formerly  have been an extremely fancy hotel. Some possibly a former bordello. Since there was a day off in Bisbee, most of the cyclists made an effort to do the Queen Mine tour which everyone agreed was exceptional. Riding in mine cars through the dark tunnels, carrying miner lamps to see by was impressive) 

Then on the corner back on the road was the huge open pit mine.  Read a Judy Jance novel for detail, she’s a native. 

Suzanne Stack from Yuma made it her mission to climb all the  steps —hundreds and hundreds. She lost count but probably succeeded. 

Sierra Vista was the next day’s ride – not too memorable, but Nogales which came next was a treat with maybe part of that being the promise the next day riding to Tucson.

Nogales on border with Mexico wrapped up the tour in fitting style in sight of the Trump wall. Our last ride went to the end of the street at the border plaza sharp right turn onto the modern highway straight back to Tucson exchanging to miles from metric direct to our hotel.
  Pizza night before the long drive north for many and two blocks south to the airport for the flyers.