GPS Help Session & More

A GPS can be an invaluable tool for bike touring.  But let’s face it they are not the most user friendly devices out there.   We will be hosting a GPS “help session” to be held immediately before the AGM on November 27th.   The AGM will start at 11:00.  We will start the help session at 9:00 a.m. and will wrap it up by about 10:30 a.m.  The location for the help session will be the South Delta Baptist Church, room# 201.

Bruce Daykin will lead the discussion on route planning targeted at GPS use.  In particular he will go over using RideWithGPS to assist you in planning your trips.  The Club has recently purchased a RideWithGPS Club membership that will be available to our members. 

Max McClanahan will handle the second part of the session that will deal with how to use your GPS.  This will include acquiring and loading base maps and routes onto your device, as well has using your GPS to stay on route.

Hopefully you will be able to join us. Please bring your GPS with you. And if possible, stay for the AGM and a free lunch.