CCCTS Ride Guidelines for Leaders and Participants (Nov. 27, 2023)

CCCTS Ride Guidelines for Leaders & Participants
Table of Contents, November 2023

CCCTS Leadership & Responsibilities and Ride Safety Guidelines -Pg. 2

1a. Board of Directors and Ride Directors (Tours or Hub & Spokes)
1b. Ride Leaders (Tours or Hub & Spokes)
1c. Ride Coordinators (Tours)
CCCTS Ride Safety Guidelines

2. Pre-Ride Planning & Preparations- Pg. 3

2.1 Types of Rides: Tours
2.1 a, b, c: Travelling Tours, Split and sequential (back-to-back) tours, Contract tours

2.2 Types of Rides: Hub & Spokes
2.2 a, b: Single Hub, Double Hub

3. Ride Proposals – The Process-Pg. 4
3 a, b, c: Ride Concept, Ride Approval and publication, Required Ride Proposal Information

4. Ride Planning & Preparations-Pg. 5
4a: Selection of participants
4b: Wait listees and refunds
4c: Pre Trip Communication
4d: Ride Waivers
4e: Medical and Emergency Contact Information
4f: Personal baggage limits
4g: Support Vehicle(s)
4h: Itinerary
4i: CCCTS equipment and support

5. Financial Considerations Pg. 6
5a: Ride Funds
5b: Spending and record keeping
5c: Accounting procedures/foreign currency
5d1: Expenses for Ride Leaders of Tours
5d2: Expenses for Ride Leaders of Hub and Spokes
5e: Tour participant replacement Expenses for Ride Leaders

6. On the Ride -Pg. 7
6a: Job assignments on Camping Tours
6b. Control of Support vehicle on Tours
6c. Communications on Rides
6d. Road Troubles/rider safety on Rides
6e. Accident preparedness on Rides
6f. Ride Accident reporting
6g. Firearms
6h. Unacceptable Member Conduct on Rides

7. Post Ride Considerations-Pg. 8
7a. Final accounting for Tours
7b. Final Accounting for Hub & Spokes
7c. Personal refunds for Tours
7d. Ride Leader’s Summary
7e. CCCTS Tour equipment
7f. CCCTS Website Ride Report & Newsbrief report

List of Appendices  Pages 9-15


Title and Version Date of Appendix Document


Ride Safety Guidelines – Feb. 10, 2020
Code of Conduct – May 7, 2020 


Ride Proposal Template – March 1, 2020
Ride Classification System  (Fall 2020 update being considered by Board)


Ride Participant Selection Process – October 3, 2020


Liability Waiver for Participants – April 3, 2020


Financial Waiver for Participants  – March 13, 2020
(continued use of website posted 2015 Tour Guidelines F. Waiver version to be confirmed by Board)  


Group Ride Incident Report  –  2014


Accounting Suggestions for Tour Treasurers – Oct. 12, 2020


Cyclists Tour Equipment Checklist  – March 13, 2020
Club Camping Equipment List – February 2020


Board approved Policies tracked and included in CCCTS Ride Guidelines from January 2015 to present – Oct. 12, 2020