Day 15 – to Mestre/Venice – by Barb Mathies

93 kms on flat terrain

Final briefing from Alen

This resort area also closed up and quiet

What?  It’s over?!  93 kms and ready ferry over to walk through Venice

The Moses Project, Damir stated, to enclose the Venice lagoon only in times of high winds coupled with high tides. 

The infamous Bridge of Sighs
The infamous crowds
San Marco Plaza

The three course farewell dinner
David sings as we requested
Rick thanks Damir and Alen for our truly well-run and much enjoyed four country tour

David’s gift to Alen

No more food!  Rick purchased a rose for each lady.  Awww.  
So.  It has been a great group, with glorious cycling, ending in new friendships and memories.  Thanks for reading our blog, and to Max for making it possible!

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