Victoria News

Minutes of the June Board Meeting of the Victoria Chapter


10 AM MONDAY 3 June 2109 @ Olsen’s Home

Present: Alex Laird–President; Allen Olsen–Treasurer; Donn Kerkhoven—Ride Coordinator;

Don Mais—Social Convener; ilka Olsen–Secretary

Call to order: 1006

Approval of Agenda–approved


  1. Approval of 25 March Minutes—approved as submitted


  1. President’s Report–Alex

  1. Maintenance Classes—deemed a success; final class 15 June; once invoice received, payment to Russ/Fort Street Cycle will be made by Allen. Further discussion led to:

Action: Alex will submit article to Newsbrief of importance of knowing how to change a tire on one’s individual bike including e-bikes and tubeless tires (different tools required).

  1. Cycling Jersey Design—turned over to National who asked for vote on one of three designs posted to June Newsbrief. Free shipping for orders of 12 (to Alex).

  2. FY2018 Profit/Loss Statement—submitted to National; no response received.

  3. Rules of the Road/Safety/ General Route Description—Discussion of dangerous roads, sharing the road (spacing to allow passing cars); rider infringements of rules; courtesy paid to leaders. Seattle’s motto of Space & Pace (with Grace) an excellent reminder for safe riding. Avoid dangerous roads when there are alternatives. i.e. Metchosin Rd vs Galloping Goose.

Action: Alex to circulate a memo to leaders to remind them to gather group before ride start and to go over route and rules. By order of the Victoria Chapter, Metchosin Rd to be off-limit in route planning (for BetterLates).


  1. Treasurer’s Report—Allen

  1. Balance in account $6,470.

  2. Ride Lunches at Private Homes—Board approved policy that reimbursement for lunch expenses incurred by hosts will be made only if entire chapter is made aware of event in the ride notice.


  1. Ride Coordinator’s Report–Donna

  1. Wed Leader—Max (alternate needed for July & Aug); Fri Show & Go doing well;

BetterLates’ concerns have been addressed.

  1. Mini-Tour Pannier Ride—First of its kind: Overnight to Chemainus dinner theatre organized & led by Ken Stepushyn. Well-attended and deemed a success.

  2. Sunday Go/No Go notice –All agreed not necessary in ongoing fair weather.

  3. Victoria Hub & Spoke Date—14-18 Sept 2020

Action: Alex to inform National. Chapter board will comprise organizing committee.

  1. Pender Island 12 June organized and led by Diane Swindel & Chris Hodgson.

Action: Donna will send out Diane’s write-up beforehand.

  1. Safe Cycling Class—13 April GVCC Marshaling Workshop was well-attended by CCCTS; some good ideas & rules for groups with tips for left-hand crossing at busy intersections. GVCC handout provided for reference. Donna perused Bike to Work website: all-day skills training class deemed too basic.


  1. Social Convener’s Report–Don

  1. HOWL at the MOON Tues 16 July @4 pm Elk Lake—organized by Rolf & Sharlane;

Rolf has paid the CRD insurance and needs to be reimbursed.

Action: Alex to suggest group activity with reward for fastest change of tire.

  1. Christmas Dinner & Dance—Alex requested that deposits be made to both Cedar Hill

and band before August. Action: Don will submit payment requests to Allen.


  1. Secretary’s Report–ilka

  1. Waivers Online—Asked Max if possible; received a detailed response that it is not an option.

Action: Donna will have some hard-copy waivers on hand.

  1. Insurance Policy—Current policy now on website. Alex & ilka both read entire document.


  1. New Business/General Follow-Up

  1. Leader Liability Protection. Alex proposed that insurance coverage be clear; discussion led to:


Motion—Be it resolved that ride leaders’ liability protection be explained in plain language.

Moved by Alex Seconded by Allen Carried


Action: Alex will request National Board have such an explanation posted to website.

  1. Incident Reports—ilka reminded everyone that incident reports are on the website and should be filled out after an accident or possible litigious incident. Discussion followed.


  1. Next Meeting Monday 22 July @ 9.30 at Alex’s home. Adjournment 1215.

Minutes of the March Board Meeting of the Victoria Chapter


1000 Monday 25 March 2019 @ Donna’s Home

Present: Alex Laird—President; Allen Olsen—Treasurer; Donna Kerkkoven—Ride Coordinator

Don Mais—Social Convener; ilka Olsen—Secretary

Guest: Jim Grayson (arrived at 1110)


Call to Order 1003.

  1. Approval of Agenda—Approved as submitted.


  1. Approval of 18 February Minutes—Approved as submitted.



  1. Contacted National Board that bank account has been set-up.

  2. Maintenance Class proposal sent to National Board; request of $780 approved.

Classes scheduled and organized by Alex for 26 March—4 May with 26 enrolled @ Fort Street Cycle with Russ Parks deemed excellent instructor.

  1. Cycling Jerseys—Alex sent out request for unique design to all of CCCTS; received a few responses. National now involved as well. Allen mentioned that Rolf Petersen has been working with a German company (a multitude of generic designs; individualizing would be expensive). Table for future discussion.

  2. Link to excellent Safe Cycling tutorial on riding in traffic in Newsbrief. Alex intends to add pertinent topics to newsletter on occasion.



  1. Allen addressed Bruce MacLean’s (National Treasurer) request for FY2018 documentation of profit/loss statement. National Board had hired an accountant to review books and was informed that the Society Act requires filing with Revenue Canada when a benchmark amount is exceeded. It was confirmed that the Victoria Chapter is required to submit detailed accounting to National for FY2018 though not officially a chapter until recently.

Action: Alex will submit necessary documentation.

  1. Victoria Chapter’s balance is $5,810 plus $400 from National still to be deposited. Incurred but not paid are expenses for maintenance classes.




  1. Monday Ride–ilka & Donna met with Rosa Schuh, Margaret Phelan & Paul Quin

to discuss general intent of ride plus need to post on website and to use CCCTS membership distribution. To be dubbed Rosa’s Rebel Ride; first ride on 1 April.

  1. Wednesday Rides—Discussion. Free form to be continued for now.

Action: Donna to send request to see if anyone is interested in leading Wed rides.

Wednesday Summer Rides—Popular in 2017; to be continued by Brian Collier.

  1. Friday Rides—Show & GO! Inaugural 19 April; meet at Whole Foods.

Action: Donna to add to calendar; write blurb for website.

  1. Sunday BetterLates—Three recent concerns brought forth by members:

  1. Fast & Slow Divisions—Detailed discussion re necessity of having to split into groups for safety reasons when there is a large turn-out.

  2. Speed—Discussion of staying within the range of what is published on the website blurb.

  3. Very Slow Riders—Discussion. It was agreed to deal with any issue on a case by case basis. The Club does not have a policy nor has anyone ever been left behind.

Action: Alex to revise a draft of website description with ilka’s input.

  1. Victoria Hub & Spoke—Scheduled for 1–4 May 2020. All board members interested in serving on the Planning Committee.

Action: Alex to send dates to National; details to follow once committee has met.

  1. Pender Island—Allen has contacted Diane Swindel who is willing to lead on 12 June.

Action: Allen to send Donna contact information; Donna to contact Dianne, who will provide her with ride blurb.

  1. Description of Rides—Need to have all ride descriptions on website detailing meeting location, general distance, anticipated speed.

Action: Donna to edit verbiage of current descriptions and to attempt to link to calendar dates.

  1. Safe Cycling Class—Jim suggested contacting Bike to Work Society or GVCC. Action: Donna to explore best option. Discussion included a possible class for ride leaders to inform them of Club expectations & safety rules.

  2. Selection Criteria/Lottery System Explanation—Alex contacted webmaster who has agreed that republishing information is a good idea.

Action: Donna will resend link to Alex who will include in Newsbrief. Discussion re including brief blurb with all Hub & Spoke/Tour offerings.

  1. Free Trailer—Jim provided provenance & details with photos of a meal & dining trailer which is available for a $500 donation. Discussion led to Alex suggesting that National’s Tour Director a more appropriate person to approach.

Action: Donna will contact John Pringle, George Zorn & Bruce Daykin.




  1. Don is in need of more Club cards; available from National.

  2. Honorariums—Further discussion not needed at this time.



  1. ilka explained why an invitation was not sent to Lt Gov Janet Austin. It was agreed not to pursue at this time.

  2. Waivers Online—It would be most helpful to be able to sign waivers online in the case of a potential member showing up for a ride. This may not be possible but will be explored.

Action: ilka to contact Max McClanahan.

  1. Insurance Policy—Available for perusal on the CCCTS website.

Action: ilka will read policy & report on anything of import.


  1. a. Other Items—None

  1. Next Meeting—7 May @ Alex’s

  2. Adjournment–1157


Minutes of the February Board Meeting of the Victoria Chapter


MONDAY 18 FERUARY 2109 @ Don’s Home

Present: Alex—President; Allen Olsen—Treasurer; Donna Kerhoven—Ride Coordinator; Don Mais—Social Convener; ilka Olsen–Secretary

Call to Order–1023

  1. Approval of Agenda—approved as amended

  2. Approval of 14 January Minutes—approved as submitted.

  3. Action Items from January:

  1. Coast Capital Account –Allen & Alex accomplished time-consuming task; set up under

Non-Profit Society Act; $86 spent on cheques; account balance $5810.

Discussion of how reimbursements are to be handled.

  1. Carry Frw–Contact National Board re first meet; bank acct set-up—Alex

  2. Thank You Cards—Alex/Don; Don/Mikkel Case of cards (& biz cards) on hand;

  3. Weekly Ride List—Donna; Alex

  • Link to web calendar now available; Allen brought up conflict of consecutive rides both to Olympic View Golf. Problem identified and remedied.

  • Friday Show & Go: delayed start due to inclement weather. Ride intent & Camosun for lunch discussed.

  • Sunday BetterLates should have membership legal caveat included with weekly notices.

Donna has request March & April rides from Brian Collier.

  1. On-Line Tutorials—Alex sent out on Website Calendar Usage; Next: Instant Messaging

  2. Monday Rides—Action: ilka & Donna to meet with Rosa Schuh; include Margaret Phelan who has offered to cover August for Rosa.

  3. Wednesday Lunch Alternative—Alex, Don, Donna all made suggestions. Alex contacted a few establishments to ask if a few members could picnic on premise while others supported café. Spitfire Grill willing.

  4. Carry Frw–Invitation/ Lt. Gov Janet Taylor— Action: ilka to send note on Club card.


  1. Activities—Ideas which might benefit Club – Don

  1. Backyard BBQ – it was suggested that a note be sent out to ask who might be willing to host.

  2. Howl at the Moon BBQ– Elk Lake pavilion has been rented in the past.

  3. Brochure—Introduction to the Club might be helpful. No action taken.

  4. Club shirt—Alex led discussion of a Club jersey with suggestions of funding locally/selling nationally. Volunteer needed to design. Prototype could be in M & L sizes so that members can try on before ordering. No action taken.

  5. Camosun lunches—Great place. Not open on Sundays, therefore a venue for week-day rides.


  1. Membership—Drive; Welcoming; Mentorship

General discussion of all three topics. It was agreed to single out new members to make them feel comfortable at both coffee and on the first few rides.


  1. Safety Class – Vic Police no longer teaches this. GVCC and Bike to Work organizations may.

Link to excellent Safe Cycling tutorial on riding in traffic in February Newsbrief. Carry Frw


  1. Honorariums—Discussion of for whom, when and for what. Agreement on flowers for members’ home events. Further discussion needed. Carry Frw.


  1. Events

  • Chinese New Year 10 Feb –Luncheon organized by Bob & Brenda Louie; 42 enjoyed event.

  • Soupy Sunday—Ute & Jim Grayson offering to host either 17 or 24 March. Carry Frw


  1. Mini-Tours/Out of Town

  • Chemainus/Ken Stepushen—Discussion re sign-up criteria used—first come, first served. Board pleased to have this first mini-tour offered & hoping for more.

Action: Alex to send out reminder that the tour is not full.

Action: When tour is full, Donna needs to be informed in order to post.

  • Saturna or Pender—Allen suggested alternating & mentioned that Diane Sidwell from Pender is interested in leading. Action: Allen to contact Diane; let Donna know.


  1. Hub & Spokes/Vic 2020 – Carry Frw


  1. Basic Maintenance Class—Alex has been in touch with Angus McIssac from Courtenay; obtained estimate of $900 for coming to Victoria for one day seminar with maximum of nine participants; Alex also obtained costs from Fort Street Cycle “Missing Link” on evening classes (5 max). Round Table discussion re preferred option and cost-sharing with members. Discussion re sign-up process.


Motion Be it resolved that Victoria Chapter will offer Basic Maintenance Classes

through Missing Link at Fort Street Cycle at $30 per participant. Members to

contribute $10/Club $20 to cost.

Moved by Donna Seconded by Don Carried

Action: Alex to send proposal with cost estimate for funding to National Board.

  1. Selection Criteria/Lottery Explanation Needed—it has come to the attention of Allen & ilka that some members were not aware of the present lottery selection for trips; nor were they aware of the 30% selection option of leaders. Discussion. It was agreed to run an article in the Newsbrief. A

Action: Alex to add as Newsbrief article.


  1. Victoria Chapter Activism/Lobbying—Carry Frw

  2. Next Meeting—Monday 25 March @1000 Meet at Donna’s @0930

  3. Adjournment 1217

Next meeting; Adjournment

Minutes of the January Board Meeting of the Victoria Chapter

Recent History: Chapter formation discussed and Steering Committee struck on 24 Oct 2018 at Pie Party. Steering Committee successfully filled five director positions; Inaugural Chapter AGM held on 3 Dec. Sanctioned by National Board at CCCTS Dec. AGM.



Monday 14 January 2019 @ 1000 held at Allen & ilka’s home
Present: Alex Laird—President; Allen Olsen—Treasurer; Ilka Olsen—Secretary; Donna
Kerkhoven—Ride Coordinator; Don Mais—Event Coordinator
Call to Order @ 1029

1. Approval of Agenda– approved as submitted.
2. Coast Capital Account – Alex has administered the ‘coffee fund’ of $952.61; transfer
to the new account. Action: Requirements for a non-profit society account to be
sorted out when Alex & Allen meet at Coast Capital after meeting to open new
Chapter account. National Board will require an annual financial report.
 Michael Bonnor’s $5,000 donation to be deposited. Action: Alex to contact
National Board that Chapter has had first meeting and bank account has been set
 Thank You Cards—Action: Alex will provide Don with Club’s remaining thank you
cards Don reported that Mikkel’s donation was meant for Club improvements to
benefit the vitality of the Club. Action: Don will send a thank you card to Mikkel
for his donation.
3. Web Only Ride Communication – Alex & Donna outlined their visions of providing
weekly ride information via website and reasons for eliminating the various & often
incorrect group distributions. Comprehensive discussion as much of the membership
voiced concern over change. A transitional period was proposed. Leaders will no
longer have to send out notices. Alex has discussed options with Max McCallahan.
Action: Donna to complete weekly ride list. Action: Alex will send out a list of
weekly rides with a link to the website Rides Calendar. Action: Alex is considering
online tutorials on using the Rides Calendar, all prefaced with a preamble.
4. Rides—Donna Comprehensive discussion of all rides below. Alex offered to help
Donna with ride planning and website upload.
 Monday—Led by Rosa Schuh; popular. Action: Donna & ilka will meet with Rosa
to discuss further.

Wednesday—revisit some 2017 summer rides; fragmentation since public closure
of Ocean Sciences’ lunch venue—Action: Alex, Don or Donna to check out
alternate lunch options.
Fridays—Show & GO! intended for those wanting more challenging rides.
 E-bikes Only—To be determined per further Club input.
 Socializing—discussed throughout. Important aspect of all rides and activities.
 Ride Co-ordinator Work Load–Donna will assess her volume of work; committee
option to assist if needed.
 Newsbrief–President’s monthly message to include asking members to contribute
by leading the occasional ride. Alex to meet with Hans re his publishing
5. Events
 Chinese New Year 10 Feb– Organized by Bob & Brenda Louie. Brunch location TBA
followed by a ride.
 Gov House Levee Ride—12 riders led by Allen & ilka followed by ride to NY’s Day
Invitation to Lt Gov—ilka spoke briefly to new Lt Gov Janet Taylor who indicated
an interest in cycling with group. Action: Alex will send a Club card with invitation
New Year’s Day Party—Cornelia & Mikkel hosted another well-attended
afternoon gathering. Don sent a thank you card.
Alumni Invitations—Discussion of how former members who no longer ride could
be invited. Consensus reached: Hosts to handle individual invitations.
 Mini-Tours—Carry Forward
 Hub & Spokes (Victoria 2020)—Carry Forward
6. Activities—Ideas which might benefit Club – Don
Backyard BBQ; mentorship; brochure; Club shirt; Camosun lunches—Carry Forward
7. Membership—Drive; Welcoming; Mentorship—Carry Forward
8. Safety Class—Carry Forward
9. Honorariums–Carry Forward
10 . Next Meeting 18 Feb 1000 @ Don’s place/Adjournment @ 1230

Minutes of the First Victoria Chapter Meeting

3 December 2018

The first Annual General Meeting of the CCCTS VICTORIA CHAPTER was called to order at 10:12 am on 3
December 2018 at the Mary Winspear Centre by Alex Laird.
Steering Committee Representatives
Alex Laird, Donna Kerkhoven, Bruce Daykin, Max McClanahan, Don Mais, Ken Stepushyn, Allen Olsen, Ilka
Approval of Agenda
The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.
Vote of the Attendees Present to Ratify Victoria Chapter’s Constitution
Motioned: Bruce Daykin and Ken Stepushyn. Motion passed unanimously.
Nominations for the Victoria Chapter executive
1. President: Alex Laird
2. Treasurer: Allen Olsen
3. Secretary: Ilka Allers-Olsen
4. Ride Coordinator: Donna Kerkhoven
5. Social Convener: Don Mais
Motioned: Jim Grayson and Rolf Petersen. Motion passed unanimously.
Discussion from members
1. Rolf Peterson spoke of declining membership.
a. Donna Kerkhoven mentioned advertising on Meetup and Facebook
2. Geoff (?) spoke about organizing rides more efficiently, ie, have different speed levels
3. Bruce Daykin said that we now have money to educate children, etc.
4. Alex Laird asked for ride leaders.
a. Volunteers: Ilka Allers-Olsen, Bruce Daykin, Diane Swindell, Bob Townsend, Alex Laird,
Ken Stepushyn, Jim Grayson
i. Ken Stepushyn opted to lead a ride to Chemainus where riders could see live theatre and
stay at the local hotel.

5. Michel Bonner suggested having dedicated rides for e-bikes
Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 by Alex Laird. The next Annual General Meeting will be held in December 2019.

Minutes taken by Donna Kerkhoven secretary of the Steering Committee

Chinese New Years

Chinese Lunar New Year is upon us and what better excuse for a pig out than the Year of the Pig!!   Brenda and Bob Louie have once again graciously agreed to arrange a multi course lunch in China Town to Celebrate.  The plan is to meet at Whole Foods around 10:00 and then ride to the Golden Palace on Fisgard.  This will be more of a brunch than lunch so we would start at 11:15 and done by 12:30.  The price is $20.00 per person which includes taxes and tip.

2019 Chinese New Year CCCTS Brunch  Year of the Pig.  Symbol of Wealth and Fortune
Menu                   Egg Rolls
                               Diced Chicken with Cashew mixed vegetables
                               Chinese Style Chow mein
                               Boneless Almond Chicken
                               Deep Fried Prawns
                               Stir Fried Pork Chops with Beijing Sauce
                              Crispy Ginger Fried Beef
                              Yang Chow (with little shrimps) Fried Rice
Date:                       11:00 am Sunday, February 10, 2019  
Place:                      Golden City Restaurant, 721 Fisgard Street
Availability:             Maximum 56 people  (7 tables of 8 per table)
Price:                       $20 per person (taxes and gratuity is included)
Contact and payment:     Social Convener: Don Mais
DEADLINE DATE:    Sunday, February 3rd in order to give numbers to the restaurant.                    
 For those who prefer a Vegetarian Plate, please inform our Social Director Don Mais  . Same price, to keep things simple.   
      Bike parking is at the front of the restaurant, or across the street at The Hudson. Car parking is free on the street or in the parkade. However, it is Chinese New Year and that Sunday will be busy.
We will be collecting money at the Sunday and Wednesday rides but if anyone needs some special attention in this regard please let me know and I will arrange a get together. 
There may be more details going forward and I will keep you informed.  If you have never been on this ride (more of a banquet than a ride to be honest) consider joining us.  It is always a lot of fun.