CCCTS Communicable Illnesses Plan 2023

CCCTS Communicable Illnesses Plan 2023

One of the goals of any Tour and/or Hub & Spoke event is to have fun and make new friends. Staying healthy through the trip will assist in reaching this goal. This plan outlines best practice for limiting the spread of communicable illnesses while traveling and riding with a group.


  • Make sure you are up to date on all vaccinations required in the country where the activity is taking place.
  • As of October 1, 2021, the CCCTS Board of Directors requires all members of the club to be fully vaccinated for the COVID 19 virus and to receive their booster shots when eligible.
  • If you are flying to the start, it is highly recommended you mask up in airports, and on airplanes. (K95 or KN95 masks are recommended for minimizing

During the Tour/H&S:

  • Bring 3 COVID 19 Rapid Antigen test kits per rider.
  • If you begin to feel unwell during the tour/H&S, inform the coordinator and take a COVID self-test (roommate should also test). Mask up and physically distance from the group while you are not feeling well (COVID, flu, cold). You are welcome to rejoin the group when symptoms have passed.
  • If the COVID test is positive or you have a cold/flu, you may continue with the tour/H&S if you continue masking, keep physically distanced from the group, and are well enough to cycle.
  • Tours only: If you are not well enough to cycle, you might be given the option of riding in the van. The tour coordinator and tour contractor will make this decision together. If they feel it is too much of a health risk to other tour members, the tour coordinator and tour contractor will assist you in making alternate arrangements to get to the next destination (at your own expense). You will be asked to mask and physically distance from the group until COVID/flu/cold symptoms have subsided.
  • If you are not well enough to continue the tour, the tour coordinator can assist with planning for your departure.
  • If other riders were exposed (15 minutes or longer in close contact) they are expected to take precautions by masking and distancing for 2 days following exposure and to take a COVID test if they begin to feel unwell.

Post Tour/H&S:

  • If a rider tests positive for COVID within 3 days of the end of the tour or H&S, they must inform the coordinator so that the group can be notified of a possible exposure to the virus.