Staying Safe Guidelines Oct 15th, 2022 UPDATE

Staying Safe: COVID 19 Guidelines for 2022

Adapting Hub & Spokes and Tours to meet COVID-19 Health and Safety Regulations

The CCCTS board of directors encourages members to consider leading and/or participating in Hub & Spokes and Tours for 2022. Complying with regional and/or provincial public health orders will be a crucial first step in planning a club event. Check the BC website ( and the Ontario website ( for current COVID 19 regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: The CCCTS Board of Directors requires all participants in Tours and Hub and Spoke events to be fully vaccinated for the COVID 19 virus and to receive their booster shots when eligible.

We have developed the following additional COVID 19 safety guidelines for upcoming Club Tours and Hub & Spokes. The guidelines may sound restrictive in some aspects but it is our belief that they need not detract from an enjoyable and rewarding tour or H&S experience.

Given that the state of the pandemic is constantly changing, we anticipate our guidelines will also require further updating as we go forward to reflect current conditions and the directions of both the provincial Public Health Agency for the province in which a specific Club Ride will occur and of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Guidelines applicable to both Tours and Hub & Spokes:

  • Avoid locations that have quarantine requirements when arriving or returning.
  • Recommend daily start location be large enough to accommodate physical distancing.
  • Group Social gatherings (ie Happy Hours) to be preferably held outdoors. Masking highly recommended for indoor social gatherings.
  • Coffee and lunch stops preferably held outdoors with a variety of locations encouraged to allow for proper physical distancing. If only a few options are available, stagger arrival and departure times to avoid entire group being at one location.
  • Dinners to be taken outdoors wherever possible.
  • First aid equipment to include extra PPE (gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks).
  • Participants are encouraged to bring COVID rapid test kits and do a self- test at the first sign of symptoms. If a participant develops COVID-19 during the event the Ride Leader will initiate the Outbreak Action Plan (see CCCTS COVID 19 National Safety Plan)
  • All participants to confirm their contact information is up to date when registering.
  • All registrants must agree to the protocols in the CCCTS National COVID-19 Safety Plan.
    Tour and Hub & Spoke Ride Descriptions direct members to read the currently posted COVID-19 Club protocols on the CCCTS website’s Publications page. Member agreement with the protocols in the current CCCTS National COVID-19 Safety Plan and the Staying Safe Guidelines, posted on the CCCTS website under Publications, is implied when a member registers for a Club Tour or Hub & Spoke. 
  • Members ‘sign’ a CCCTS COVID-19 Ride Waiver by checking a tick box in the on-line Member Registration Form as part of their annual Membership Registration.



Guidelines specific to Camping Tours:

  • Masks and gloves must be worn when preparing food and a hand-sanitizing station set up prior to each meal. Anyone going into the food serving/dining area must sanitize their hands each time they enter the area.
  • The cook team will place the food on the plates.
  • Masks and gloves to be worn by everyone when making lunches. If possible, set up lunch making station across several tables, allowing for physical distancing while members make their lunches.
  • Masks and gloves must be worn when washing/drying dishes. Consider air-drying dishes and spreading cutlery out on table for ease of pick up.
  • The Wagonmaster or Ride Leader to set up a sub-group rotation schedule to avoid congestion loading and unloading the van.

Guidelines specific to Motel Tours:

  • Where possible, select accommodations that have enough rooms for several singles, should single participants choose not to share a room.

Guidelines specific to Hub & Spokes:

  • Participants encouraged to bring their RVs, tents, camping gear to reduce congestion; do own meal preparation and dishes.