2016 Tanzania :

2016 Tanzania tour including Kilimanjaro trek

  • On the Way Home

    We were packed up and heading out of the Serengeti shortly after noon on the 4th day.  From there we mostly retraced our path back to the Ngorongoro national park.  As we passed through the eastern Serengeti we got an even more impressive view of the migration than we had seen on the second day.  … Continue reading On the Way Home

  • Serengeti: Safari Days 3 and 4

    After last night’s late arrival in our Serengeti camp we were looking forward to lots of game viewing in the Serengeti.  The plan is to do a morning drive and and evening drive then doing a very early morning start the following day before heading on to our next camp at Ngorongoro.  The games drives … Continue reading Serengeti: Safari Days 3 and 4

  • Safari Day 1

    First a word of clarification about who is where.  When we left for Kili the plan was for Dan and Robin to join Dawn and Ross on Safari.  Dan was apparently not willing to give up on Kili.  After a bit of work he was able to find a pair of boots that would work … Continue reading Safari Day 1

  • We Finish the Kili Trek

    We will do another mult-day blog entry again.  Way too busy (and tired) to write during this period and of course I have no connectivity anyway.  Surprisingly there is cell phone coverage on large portions of Kili. Day 4: Today we start in Barranco camp and finish is Barafu camp.  We start the day with … Continue reading We Finish the Kili Trek

  • To Barranco Camp — Day 3 of the Kili Trek

    It was a wonderful day today.  We got started around 8:00 headed for the Lava Tower at an altitude of 4650 meters.  Our Starting elevation is around 3800 meters so just a bit more elevation gain than yesterday.  However it is a much better trail than yesterday and a gentler incline.  Just a slow steady … Continue reading To Barranco Camp — Day 3 of the Kili Trek

  • Bike Tour Ends and Trekking Begins

    My apologies but this is going to have to be a catch-up blog entry that covers three days.  We have been very busy of late.  This may appear out of order as well.  Several earlier blog entries have been written but I haven’t been able to access them due to lack of internet access.  We … Continue reading Bike Tour Ends and Trekking Begins

  • Day 15, Same to Mwanga

    Today’s blog post is written by Ross.  Thanks Ross… We had breakfast in the courtyard/secure parking area of the Savanah Guest House, again prepared by Stewart and, again, excellent. I had been suffering typical gastro- intestinal problem and explained it to Omari, one of our biking guides. “No problem” he said. ” You can go … Continue reading Day 15, Same to Mwanga

  • Day 14 — Gonja to Same

    Today’s blog entry is written by John.  Thanks John… Distance 53 km. Elevation varied between ~ 475 m and 600 m. The morning had us awake in Nick’s Resort with breakfast served on a spotless table setting on the rather garish blue,green and red bricked patio/driveway. Pancakes with either sugar or jam, omelettes, fresh fruit … Continue reading Day 14 — Gonja to Same

  • Down from the Usambara

    Today’s blog entry is composed of several posts from Lucas.  Thanks Lucas…… The first 17 km of our day were almost all downhill, some sections pretty rugged and steep. Most people in our group weren’t so fond of it but I found it to be pretty fun. We rode all the way down to the … Continue reading Down from the Usambara

  • Mkuzi to Rangwi Convent

    Todays post is from Lucas.  Thanks Lucas… Another good day of riding here in the Usumbara mountains, as we made our way from a Mkuzi to Rangwi Convent. Today, the roads were bigger which meant more traffic and larger, busier villages. It also meant a bit of an improvement in the roads, although still far … Continue reading Mkuzi to Rangwi Convent

  • Mazumbai to Mkuzi

    The post for today comes again from Carole (with a photo from me of a woman tending here field on a distant hillside).  Thanks, Carole… Still no internet at Shellu Lodge in Mkuzi, so I’m jotting down (the old diary way) a few words on our ride through several high-perched villages.  After a breakfast that … Continue reading Mazumbai to Mkuzi

  • Mazumbai Nature Preserve

    After yesterdays hard ride we have another day off the bikes at the Mazumbai Nature Preserve.  We are staying in the Mazumbai Guest house which adjoins the nature preserve. It is a combination of spectacular mountain vistas and manicured colonial charm.  The guest house was originally a coffee and then a tea plantation.  It is … Continue reading Mazumbai Nature Preserve

  • Lushoto to Mazumbai

    Ross has written the blog for today.  Thanks, Ross… We were greeted by thin overcast skies as we readied to leave with a forecast of “chameleon” weather, meaning ” it can change”. We left our Italian host and Cypriot hostess, their two young children, two small black dogs, and a goose shortly after nine am … Continue reading Lushoto to Mazumbai

  • Irente

    The order of the day was a hike to Irente viewpoint.

  • Usambara Mountains

    Our guest contributor for today is Judy.  Thanks Judy… We woke to the sound of rain and a power outage this morning so there was no rush to get going. Our 6:30 breakfast didn’t get served until 7:30 but…we are getting used to flexible African time. By 8:00 the rain had stopped and we headed … Continue reading Usambara Mountains