Day 15, Same to Mwanga

Today’s blog post is written by Ross.  Thanks Ross…

We had breakfast in the courtyard/secure parking area of the Savanah Guest House, again prepared by Stewart and, again, excellent.

I had been suffering typical gastro- intestinal problem and explained it to Omari, one of our biking guides. “No problem” he said. ” You can go in the bush. Just say” I am going to kill the lion” “. Thankfully, no lions were killed today.

The ride today was 53km, paved roads, and relatively flat. It felt like 100 km. The temperature was 37°.  The country we passed through was savannah type, wide open spaces, dry vegetation , few trees. We were all happy to reach our hotel where lunch was waiting for us.

For the first time in several days, we all started out riding but lost one rider to the heat.

At about 25 km we stopped in a little village where many Masai were congregating. They are tall and thin, dressed in colourful robes and very camera shy.

Aside from the heat, a successful day with no spills and the only flats on the guides bike, the junky one with the bald tires. Apparently they are rented bikes as they don’t do many guided bicycle trips. This explains a lot like why they don’ t have any spares or tools and do not know much about bicycles. Heart and a desire to please us they do have and we appreciate that.

Last day of riding tomorrow!

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