Second cycling day


75 km cycle from Shizong to Luoping with the highlight being the vast Karst rapeseed fields.  Rapeseed or canola is grown widely here and was in bloom.
Meet Peggy, Larry’s dog that joined our group. She rides in the basket or in the van, and is allowed in restaurants, stores and hotels. Because it’s China, Larry says.
Five of us are cycling on Larry’s custom bamboo bikes. Disc brakes, comfortable ride.
The countryside is covered with fields, all planted, diked, irrigated. It’s difficult to grasp the industry of these farmers. I think it’s the difference between 37 million and 1.5 billion people.
Atop the hill over the Luoping karsts. Those clouds rolled in and suddenly we could see our breath it was so cold. 
Warming up over some delicious food.

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