Day 14 – Udine to Bibione – by Barb Mathias


82 kms mostly flat

All but one cyclist got past the barricade. I fell sideways slipping off my pedal.

The walled city of Pama something. Much like Lucca.



A bug day. Clouds of flying ants smacking our faces and bodies. Kept our mouths shut.

Rustling leaves of huge fields of dried corn. The hard kind for cornmeal and flour, we supposed.

Time out as Damir fixed another flat

Arrival at our near the beach hotel


Trish’s first Apercol spritz

Delores came back from her swim commenting on the sea of umbrellas.
She didn’t exaggerate.

The Adriatic Sea

The wonderful fine sand patterns

Imagining the crowds if all umbrellas were taken. But the crowds had left.

Mosquitos attacked for the first time here, but the seafood was delicious!

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