Minutes of Board Meeting May 10th 2021

Cross Canada Cycle Tour Society


Zoom Teleconference

May 10, 2021

Participants: Bruce Daykin President

Paul Hough Secretary

Jurgen Harding Treasurer

John Pringle Past President

Alex Laird IT Director

Jenni Lynnea Membership/Chapters Director

Maureen Weston Safe Cycling Director

Janet Whitehead Legacy Fund

Eamonn Ryan Member at Large

Regrets: George Zorn Hub & Spokes Director

Doris Maron Tour Director


Summary of Motions and Action Items

Motion: to increase the amount for the North Okanagan Rail Trail project from $2500 to $3500. John seconded the motion. Carried.

Motion: that Maureen draft an e-blast that informs members that vaccinations will be required to participate in club events. Seconded by Alex. Carried.

Action: Paul to confirm if the National Capital Region Chapter intends to request the $400 Chapter funding this year.

Action: Jürgen to investigate options and to reinvest the full amount of the Legacy Fund GIC along with the interest when it comes due June 25th.

Action: Jenni to send the Chapters the information about the Go by Bike initiative of HUB cycling.

Action: Janet to make inquiries as to rumoured cycling group mergers and name changes in Victoria and Vancouver.

Action: Eamonn, with assistance from Janet, to make inquiries as to insurance options through Cycling BC and the BC cycling Coalition.

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Bruce Daykin at 9:03 am, Pacific Time.

Motion to Approve Agenda

A motion to approve the Agenda was moved by Jenni Lynnea and seconded by Maureen Weston. Carried.

Motion to Approve the Minutes of April Meeting

A motion to approve these minutes was made by John Pringle and seconded by Alex Laird. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Jürgen Harding

The different financial statements had been shared with the Board prior to the meeting, showing the solid financial status of the club. Discussion point included:

  • With a few more memberships the total revenue is very close to the draft budget;
  • The insurance premium has been paid and is about $1,300 less than in the budget, so there should be no issue in covering all expenses this year;
  • The Fraser Valley Chapter was paid the requested $400 Chapter support amount. Other Chapters may submit similar requests if they need the funds. Paul to confirm if the National Capital Region will make a request. Action.
  • Other expenses in April included rental of the equipment storage for six months, Stripe fees and communication (Zoom) costs;
  • A separate sheet summarized the registration fees received during April for hub & spokes as well as the tours, along with the Stripe fees;
  • Refunds for the cancelled May hub & spoke have been completed;
  • The Legacy Fund GIC comes due June 25th. Jürgen was asked to investigate options and to reinvest the full amount along with the interest. Action.

Hub & Spoke Director’s Report – Bruce Daykin

As George Zorn was unavailable for the meeting, Bruce provided the following update:

  • The May Shuswap H&S has been cancelled and the Bromont, Quebec and Florida Gulf Coast hub & spokes had been previously postponed to 2022;
  • The June Shuswap hub & spokes are fully subscribed but may be impacted if the current travel restrictions in BC remain in place;
  • The remaining hub & spokes (Victoria in July, the Southern Gulf Islands in September, and the September Shuswap) are fully subscribed. For the later ones, participation will be increased if public health conditions make this possible;
  • It was confirmed that a few Americans are registered on the hub & spokes and on wait lists. Their participation may be impacted if the border remains closed which is quite likely.

Tour Director’s Report – Bruce Daykin

Doris Maron was also not available for the meeting and Bruce provided the following update:

  • Doris’ Southern Alberta Tour in September is fully subscribed with enough additional people registered to have a second group which Bernie Phillion has kindly agreed to lead, leaving three days after the first group;
  • While collecting the full amount for registration was not intended at this point, due to a glitch in the system, several participants have paid it;
  • The Comox Valley Chapter has been conducting day rides for a while, keeping the numbers at no more than six, using on-line signup. Fraser Valley, Victoria and the National Capital Region have not been organizing day rides yet.

Website Issues – Alex Laird

Alex reported that there were no issues with the website; it is working well. He anticipates a report soon from John Overall on the work done to rejuvenate the website.

Membership & Chapter Reports – Jenni Lynnea

Jenni reported that the current membership is at 468 with the National Capital Region, Fraser Valley and Victoria Chapters having the greatest number of members.

She also highlighted the Go by Bike week, an initiative of HUB Cycling, which is to take place from May 31st to June 6th. People are encouraged to get out on their bikes and record their rides as prizes will be available. Fraser Valley is putting together a team for this initiative. Jenni was not sure if other regions can also participate or if they have similar ones, but she will send the link to the Chapters to see if they can participate or wish to organize something similar. Action.

Legacy Funds Report – Janet Whitehead

Janet reported that she had inquired about plans that Comox Valley or the National Capital Region Chapters might have for Legacy Funds. A total of $4155 had been approved for Comox Valley for this year but with the pandemic restrictions on activities, it expects to need $3500. She understands that Helping with Bikes in Ottawa is continuing but had not confirmed if they intended to seek further support.

At the April meeting, the Board had approved up to $2500 for the Shuswap North Okanagan Rail Trail project, to attract matching funding. That project has received over $4000 from sources that would qualify as matching funding. Given that the overall draw on the Legacy Funds in 2021 will be well below the annual average of $9000 that it has been in recent years, Janet proposed that the amount for the North Okanagan Rail Trail be increased by $1000 to $3500. Motion: to increase the amount for the North Okanagan Rail Trail project from $2500 to $3500. John seconded the motion. Carried.

Janet continues to work with the BCCC and she will highlight the support that CCCTS is providing to the North Okanagan Rail Trail to the person at the BCCC that handles cycling tourism, so that perhaps other groups could get involved.

John asked about a change in the name of the Victoria cycling community and Janet believes a merger of some sort is happening both in Victoria and Vancouver, but she will find out the details. Action.

Insurance – Eamonn Ryan

Eamonn reported that a member in Fraser Valley had sent an e-mail about possibly obtaining insurance through Cycling BC. It seems that there are several different categories of insurance that can be obtained by groups or individuals through Cycling BC (e.g., general liability, errors and omissions, ride accident coverage, coverage for officers of clubs) but he does not have more information.

Janet noted that Sport BC provides insurance aimed at bike racers to cover accidents as well as limited liability coverage, while BCCC provides its member groups director’s insurance at $700 per year. Much more investigation is needed to confirm that CCCTS members outside of BC would be eligible if insured through Cycling BC, and to determine if going with Cycling BC or possibly a combination of insurance through Cycling BC and BCCC would provide the needed liability and other coverage at less cost than the club pays now. Janet and Eamonn are to collaborate on this. Action.

Safety – Maureen Weston

Maureen reported that she continues to monitor the different health advisories in BC and Ontario. No changes have been needed to the guidelines yet.

The topic of whether or not the club should require members to be vaccinated in order to participate in hub & spokes, tours and day rides was raised and prompted considerable discussion. The Board strongly endorses that everyone be vaccinated and it is hoped that the vast majority of members will get the shots. There are many sectors that may require people to be vaccinated, such as travel, so the club could require proof of vaccination. It would then come down to either relying on the honour system by which members state that they have had the shots, or to require proof of vaccination before allowing members to take part in any of the club’s activities or events.

It was proposed that Maureen draft a short document to be sent out to members as an e-blast, informing them that the Board plans to require anyone to be vaccinated in order to participate in a club event. Maureen agreed and noted that she would share it with the Board members for comments before sending out the e-blast. The Board needs to convey its strong support for people being vaccinated and that it is likely to require that members be vaccinated in order to participate in club events. Motion: that an e-blast be drafted that informs members that vaccinations will be required to participate in club events. Seconded by Alex. Carried.

Newsbrief – Alex Laird

Maureen is to prepare an article as a follow up to the e-blast. It could include a couple of links to authoritative articles.

Jenni asked if the Board members are aware of the 529 program which is a bike registry designed to limit or prevent theft. She could prepare an article for the Newsbrief to inform members.

Janet confirmed that she is up to do the July Newsbrief.

Next Meeting: June 14, 2021

There was some discussion about having meetings during July and August this year and it was agreed that these will likely be needed.

Adjournment: 10: 29 am Pacific time.