2015 Pacific Coast :

  • Bruce’s Photos

      Bruce has sent along some of his best photos. [easyrotator]erc_65_1459286675[/easyrotator]

  • June 9th

    Start: Samuel Taylor State Park, Marin County, California Finish: San Francisco Distance: 47.7k Elevation: 515 meters Our last day of the trip! Today we pull into San Francisco. We started off the day a half hour later than usual (a treat) and spent quite a bit more time breaking camp than usual. We had a … Continue reading June 9th

  • June 8th

    Start: Duncan Mills, California Finish: Samuel Taylor State Park, Marin County, California Distance: 78.8k Elevation: 1044 meters Optional Distance: 55.1 Optional Elevation: 811 meters It was an interesting day today. We transitioned from forest to grasslands and spent most of the day rolling through the golden hills that gave California its name as the golden … Continue reading June 8th

  • June 7th

    Start: Gualala, California Finish: Duncan Mills, California Distance: 72.6k Elevation: 1127 meters It was relatively short ride today. We started the day with a tour of the “Catedral Tree”. It was a mother stump that had spawned a circle of trees that were almost solid.   We had a nice fast but uneventful ride to … Continue reading June 7th

  • June 6th

    Start: Casper, California Finish: Gualala, California Distance: 88k Elevation: 1296 meters Another day on the cook crew so I don’t have a lot of pictures. All the riders thought it was a wonderful ride. It was a bright and sunny day with classic California coastline. A very beautiful ride. And it so much more beautiful … Continue reading June 6th

  • June 5th

    Start: Standish-Hickey State Park, Leggett, California Finish: Casper, California Distance: 84.5k Elevation: 1292 meters Quite a hilly day today. We starting climbing right out of the chute with Legget hill. That topped out at around 570 meters. Then we had about a 20 k descent. It was twisting and turning descent that was very nice, … Continue reading June 5th

  • June 4th

    Start: Meyers Flat, California Finish: Standish-Hickey State Park, Leggett, California Distance: 72.5k Elevation: 974 meters Today was a relatively short day. And the weather – it was absolutely wonderful. I actually took off my leg warmers for the first time. It looked like there might be a lot of elevation gain, but as it turns … Continue reading June 4th

  • June 3rd

    Today was a rest day. So I rested. It was a very nice day. Everybody went their own way. Some went for a hike. Some went to the local winery. Many did a little bike maintenance. The high point of the day was watching David repair Dawn’s tire. When all was said and done there … Continue reading June 3rd

  • June 2nd

    Start: Eureka, California Finish: Meyers Flat, California Distance: 90.7k Elevation: 610 meters Beautiful day today. Not only was it a dry day, it was even SUNNY! After yesterday’s rain it was very welcome. We all said goodbye to young David as he left us and headed off to Redding. He has a couple of fairly … Continue reading June 2nd

  • June 1st

    Start: Klamath River, California Finish: Eureka, California Distance: 102k Elevation: 1321 meters The riding stats above are from the route sheet. I have not confirmed those figures since I didn’t ride today. It was our turn on the cook team so I drove. And I didn’t mind at all. It was a very rainy day! … Continue reading June 1st

  • May 31st

    Start: Harris Beach Park, Brookings Oregon Finish: Klamath River, California Distance: 84k Elevation: 990 meters We made it to California! We hit California after only about 13k. Fortunately the agricultural inspection station was closed for the week-end so all of our worries about our fruit were for naught. We mostly rode quite rural roads until … Continue reading May 31st

  • May 30th

    Start: Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon Finish: Harris Beach Park, Brookings Oregon Distance: 109.3k Elevation: 1333 meters It was a good ride today. A bit cold but a good ride. We stayed on 101 up to Ophir. Nice coast with lots of fog. You can see the fog rolling in in the picture below. At … Continue reading May 30th

  • May 29th

    Start: Sunset Bay State Park, Charleston Finish: Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon Distance: 85k Elevation: 878 meters It was a very good day today. A wee bit chilly, but a very nice day. From our campsite at Sunset Bay we backtracked a few kilometers back the Seven Devils Road. Once we were on Seven Devils … Continue reading May 29th

  • May 28th

    Start: Florence, Oregon Finish: Sunset Bay State Park, Charleston Distance: 96k Elevation: 942 meters Not a very eventful day today. After yesterday, that is a good thing. We rode a little bit inland today, away from the coast. In the morning the coast was mostly sand dunes. In the afternoon we were riding through more … Continue reading May 28th

  • May 27th

    Start: Lincoln City, Oregon Finish: Florence, Oregon Distance: 123k Elevation: 990 meters It was a very eventful day today. It was a pretty long day with some hills so there was lots of planning and discussion before the day ever began. Necla and I were on cook duty today, but we did our shopping yesterday … Continue reading May 27th