Contact the Club or Another Member part 2

The contact the club and message  board are now fully functional.

Message board.

Under the red ” my page” button there are a series of tabs at the top of the screen.  The second one is the Message tab.  Click on it and you will see a window with instructions to send an email to another club member who’s email address you may not have.

Type in the first three letters of the persons name and wait a few seconds.  A list of all the people in the club with those letters in their name comes up along with their member number.  Click on the person you wish to contact and send your message.  They will receive it as an email.

Contact the Club

A red button at the bottom of every page to contact various board members.  A drop down menu will direct you to the area of information you are looking for.  

You will be directed to fill in your name and email address and the email will be sent to the appropriate board member.  For instance if you choose “Tours”  the email will be sent to Tours Director Doris Maron.

The website is fully functional now and will be for the foreseeable future.